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The Trail to Oregon

13th - 16th July 2022
Heathfields Hall

Hey there pioneers! It's the 1840s and you’ve caught a little bit of Oregon fever, which means it's time to venture down the trail for America's original cross country road trip! In this high energy adventure you get to name your wagon family and see them take on all the trials and tribulations of the Oregon Trail, dysentery and maybe an encounter with the infamous Bandit King himself. So grab your ox and wagon, buy boxes and boxes of bullets and prepare yourself for The Trail to Oregon! The Trail to Oregon is a fun interactive show in which the Audience determines the names of the main characters, and even have their own say on the ending of the show. The show is 18+ containing strong adult language and content. Be prepared for a crazy wild west adventure, where every show is different from the last!

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Production Team


Directors - Ella Walden and Luke Walden

Choreographer - Gemma Matthews

Musical Director - Mark Fromings


Cast List


Dad: Mark Fromings

Mom: Rebecca Bartlett

Son: Hannah Fox

Daughter: Jasmin Howe

Grandpa: Kieren Manning

Chorus: Liam Winter

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