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All Shook Up - Cast Announcement

November 11, 2021

After a fantastic set of Auditions DAODS is pleased to announce the cast for All Shook Up. The show is being performed at the Orchard Theatre next year from 13th - 16th April. Tickets will be available from the Orchard Theatre box office. Look out for more details coming soon!

Chad: Paul Farlie
Natalie: Lily Turner
Sylvia: Rebecca Coker
Lorraine: Ella Walden
Dennis: Mark Fromings
Jim: Terry Allen
Miss Sandra: Michelle Wright
Dean Joe Wood
Mayor Matilda: Wendy Wallis
Sheriff Earl: Dave Hughes

Bar Flies – named in honour of members who have sadly passed away recently
Henrietta (Betty): Meg Walsh
Mary: Hannah Fox
Sue: Alex Moore
Nancy: Sophie Nightingale

Ellie Beaumont, Dee Blackaby, Louise Brown, Sarah Brundritt, Ellesse Cooke, Natasha Cox,
Daniel Cross, Jo Dennis, Lauryn Fasakin, Lauren Fitzgerald Burke, Russell Golby, Sophie
Guariglia Smith, George Harvey, Jasmin Howe, Catherine Jarvie, Maria Jarvis, Megan McInnes,
Kieran Manning, Gemma Matthews, Hayley Meredith-Evans, Laurie Preece, Emma Ramsay,
Laura Ramsay, Lauren Ramsay, Vicki Sinfield, Faith Smith, Drew Stevens, Karen Stewart,
Annabelle Storey, Curtis Sutherland, Jill Taylor, Neve Taylor, Karen Tomkins, Terri Truckle,
Richard Twyman, Luke Walden, Liam Winter, Dawn Wood, Heather Woodley

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