Boogie Nights Review


<p class="font_8">DAODS have just finished a run at the Orchard Theatre with their 70's Musical, Boogie Nights. What a reaction we got from the audiences every night... and here are some reviews we received over the week.</p>

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<p class="font_9">"Boogie Nights The Musical at The Orchard Theatre - review by Kelly Goldsworthy.</p>

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<p class="font_9">Dartford Amateur Operatic &amp; Dramatic Society (DAODS) need to change their name. There is nothing amateur about this production! The acting, singing, dancing, set and lighting are as good as any I've seen at The Orchard this year.</p>

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<p class="font_9">Boogie Nights is the story of Jack the Lad, Roddy and girlfriend Debs. He is a flawed character, who could be quite dislikeable, but is played by such a great actor (Paul Fairlie) that the audience are enchanted.</p>

<p class="font_9">Stephanie Trott is a revelation as Debs, with a beautiful voice. Special mention must go to the amazing comic actor, Alex Freeman as Terry. But as always with DAODS it is the ensemble that stand out. The group scenes are brilliant. It is clear all the cast are having a great time, as were the audience.</p>

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<p class="font_9">Songs range from YMCA to Enough is Enough to Disco Inferno so it is inevitable people are quickly singing along. I defy anyone to leave The Orchard after watching this not feeling good. With comedy, drama and great songs this is a great night out. Don't miss it!"</p>

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<p class="font_9">Thank you to everyone who came to watch this show, your support has been amazing.</p>


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