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March 31, 2014

<p class="font_8">The cast for our next production&nbsp;Half A Sixpence&nbsp;has been announced and it includes some well known faces as well as some newer members stepping up to take the lead for the first time. This cast is also one of the largest we have had in a long time and we are so proud to be returning to The Orchard Theatre with such a strong group.&nbsp;</p>

<p class="font_8">&nbsp;</p>

<p class="font_8">Kipps - Paul Farlie</p>

<p class="font_8">Ann - Laura East</p>

<p class="font_8">Sid - &nbsp;Pat Walsh</p>

<p class="font_8">Buggins - &nbsp;James Lockwood</p>

<p class="font_8">Pearce - Daniel Fairbrass</p>

<p class="font_8">Kate - &nbsp;Laura Gillham</p>

<p class="font_8">Flo - &nbsp;Emily Balmer</p>

<p class="font_8">Victoria - &nbsp;Gemma Matthews</p>

<p class="font_8">Helen - &nbsp; Katy George</p>

<p class="font_8">Young Walsingham - &nbsp;Alex Tyrrell</p>

<p class="font_8">Chitterlow - Dave Hughes</p>

<p class="font_8">Mrs Walsingham - Michelle Wright</p>

<p class="font_8">Shalford - Gavin Kirrage</p>

<p class="font_8">Laura - Gemma Reeks</p>

<p class="font_8">&nbsp;</p>

<p class="font_8">Chorus</p>

<p class="font_8">&nbsp;</p>

<p class="font_8">James Barber, Holly Boyer, Ellie Beaumont, Lizzie Britchfield, Keely Brown, Louise Brown, Julia Bull, Lysette Camp, Alexandra Campbell, Amy Cooper, Dave Cosh, Jo Dennis, Teona Falzon, Holly Foster, Maxine Gamble-Beresford, Emma Garthwaite, Daisy Gregg, Fred Hall, Tiffany Hanks-McComas, Martin Hutchinson, Katie Hutton, Ailbhe Joyce, Sarah Kearley, Betty Knott, Becca Mitchell, Sophie Nightingale, Daisie Nolan, Emma Ramsay, Karen Tompkins, Richard Twyman, Heather Upton, Gerry Willson, Annmarie Wilmot, Dawn Wood, Donna Dawson, Terry Morris, John Woodley.</p>

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