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Oliver! - Adult cast announcement

November 1, 2018

<p style="" class="font_9"><span style="">After a fantastic set of auditions at Heathfields Hall the Production Team and Audition Panel are pleased to announce the Cast for DAODS' production of Oliver! at&nbsp;The Orchard Theatre - April 2019.</span></p>

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<p style="" class="font_9"><span style="">OLIVER CAST LIST</span></p>

<p style="" class="font_9"><span style="">Mr Bumble - Paul Booer<br>
Widow Corney - Julia Bull<br>
Mr Sowerberry - Dave Kerry<br>
Mrs Sowerberry - Emma Garthwaite<br>
Charlotte - Uncast<br>
Noah - Mason Mote<br>
Fagin - Mark Slaughter<br>
Nancy - Jade Oswald<br>
Bill Sykes - Luke Walden<br>
Mr Brownlow - Dave Hughes<br>
Dr Grimwig - Dave Cosh<br>
Mrs Bedwin - Carey-Jane Ramsay<br>
Sally - Bethan Campbell<br>
Annie - Emma Ramsay</span></p>

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<p style="" class="font_9"><span style="">ENSEMBLE</span></p>

<p style="" class="font_9"><span style="">&nbsp;<br>
Laura Adlington, Lucy Ayley, Rebecca Bartlett, Helena Booer, Lisa Brooks, Keely Brown, Louise Brown, Laura Brown, Christina Brunner, Hannah Burton, Lysette Camp, Bethan Campbell, Jo Clark, Rebecca Coker, David Cosh, Natasha Cox, Donna Dawson, Carrie Duffy, Keith Hills, Emily Jackson, Abby James, Ellena Jones, Sarah Kearley, Gavin Kirrage, Stephanie Lee, Kieren Manning, Kerry Mapp, Alexandra Moore, Olivia Morbin, Terry Morris, Mason Mote, Sophie Nightingale, Jane Parish, Carey-Jane Ramsay, Emma Ramsay, Laura Ramsay, Amy Robertson, Faith Smith, Annabelle Storey, Chloe Tidbury, Karen Tomkins, Lily Turner, Ella Walden, Meghan Walsh, Liam Winter, Heather Woodley, John Woodley</span></p>

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