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Our House cast announcement

November 11, 2022

After a great set of auditions the production team are delighted to announce the cast list for DAODS' production of Our House. The show will be performed at the Orchard Theatre in Dartford from 19th-22nd April 2023.

Congratulations to everyone who auditioned!

Joe: Mark Fromings
Sarah: Rebecca Bartlett
Emmo: Daniel Cross
Lewis: Liam Winter
Billie: Ella Walden
Angie: Annabelle Storey
Dad: Dave Hughes
Kath: Jill Taylor
Reecey: Matt Bradbury
Mr Pressman: Terry Allen

Callum: Kieren Manning
Stallholders: Paul Farlie, Emma Ramsay, Rebecca Hills, Lily Turner
Heather: Rebecca Coker
Priest: Patrick Walsh
Nun: Emma Goodday-George
Bartender: Kirsty Young
Magistrate: Maxine Gamble-Beresford
Joe’s Solicitor: Melissa O'Reilly
Council Solicitor: Heather Woodley
Youth Officer: Alex Campbell
Mr Jesmond: John Woodley
Rae: Louise Brown
Aunt: Michelle Wright
Uncle: Jake Blackaby
Grandad: Richard Twyman
Dog Woman: Jasmin Howe
Clown: Hannah Fox
Car Salesman: Joe Wood
Cops: Neve Taylor, Adam Farlie, Gemma Matthews, Vicki Sinfield
Julie: Laura Ramsay
Clark: Melissa O’Reilly
Barrister: Melanie Kilroy
Harper: Alex Moore
Smith: Meg Walsh
Massey: Clare Fletcher
Small Time Lawyer: Ellesse Cooke
Alarm Boss: Hayley Meredith-Evans

Adam Farlie, Alex Campbell, Alex Moore, Bethany Jeffries, Chloe Kenny, Clare Fletcher, Dee Blackaby, Ellesse Cooke, Emma Goodday-George, Emma Ramsay, Faith Smith, Gemma Matthews, Grace Kenny, Hannah Fox, Hayley Meredith Evans, Heather Woodley, Jake Blackaby, Jasmin Howe, Joe Wood, John Woodley, Kieren Manning, Kirsty Young, Laura Ramsay, Lauryn Fasakin, Lily Turner, Louise Brown, Maxine Gamble-Beresford, Meghan Walsh, Melani Kilroy, Melissa O’Reilly, Michelle Wright, Neve Taylor, Patrick Walsh, Paul Farlie, Rebecca Coker, Rebecca Hills, Richard Twyman, Sophia Allerton, Terri Bradbury, Vicki Sinfield

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