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Shrek The Musical - Cast Announcement

November 1, 2019

After a long day of excellent auditions we are proud to announce our our Shrek-tacular cast!


Shrek: Alex Freeman
Fiona: Laura Gillham
Donkey: Rebecca Coker
Lord Farquaad: Mark Fromings
Dragon: Katy George
Pinocchio: Curtis Sutherland
Gingy: Michelle Wright
Papa Ogre: Ryan Alexandrou
Mama Ogre: Nicole Brady
King Harold: Daniel Cross
Queen Lillian: Ella Walden
Teen Fiona: Maeve-Anne Allen
Sugar Plum Fairy: Jade Oswald
Big Bad Wolf: Crew Martin
Ugly Duckling: Lucy Colbert
Mama Bear: Alex Moore
Papa Bear: Liam Winter
Baby Bear: Amy Cooper
Wicked Witch: Sally Mudhoo
Peter Pan: Alex Tyrrell
Fairy Godmother: Emma Ramsay
Shoe Elf: Chloe Tidbury
Humpty Dumpty: Annabelle Storey
Mad Hatter: Kieren Manning
Pig 1: Lucy Regan
Pig 2: Louise Brown
Pig 3: Patrick Walsh
3 Blind Mice: Lily Turner, Sophie Nightingale, Rebecca Bartlett
Captain of the Guards: Luke Walden
Thelonius: George Harvey
Bishop: David Cosh
Pied Piper: Ellesse Cooke
White Rabbit: Hannah Burton

Featured Tappers: James Lockwood, Gemma Matthews, Terri Truckle, Bethan Campbell, Sarah Kearley, Abbie Davies, Lauren Ramsay

Happy People/Ensemble: Hayleigh Brampton, Sarah Brunditt, Christina Brunner, Hayley Meredith Evans, Nina Monksfield, Francesca Rameaux, Katie Whistler

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