<p style="" class="font_8">After a great set of auditions, DAODS are delighted to announce the cast for our production of Top Hat at&nbsp;The Orchard Theatre in October 2018!!!</p>

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<p style="" class="font_8"><span style="">Jerry Travers: Paul Farlie<br>
Dale Tremont: Faith Rogers<br>
Horace: John Woodley<br>
Madge: Louise Brown<br>
Beddini: Luke Walden<br>
Bates: Kieren Manning<br>
Diva Show Singer: Jade Oswald<br>
Venetian Head Singing Waiter: Mark Fromings</span></p>

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<p style="" class="font_9"><span style="">Speaking/Singing Roles (in order of appearance)</span></p>

<p style="" class="font_9"><span style="">Chorine 1: Rebecca Hills<br>
Chorine 2: Melissa O'Reilly<br>
Chorine 3: Sophia May<br>
Reporter 1: Tom Salter<br>
Reporter 2: Heather Woodley<br>
Reporter 3: Gerry Willson<br>
Maurice (Jerry’s Manager): Frank Gregory<br>
Thackery Club Concierge: Mark Fromings<br>
Cab Driver: Keith Hills<br>
Young Lady: Laura East<br>
Young Man: Ethan Oswald<br>
Rich Lady: Donna Dawson<br>
Rich Man: Keith Hills<br>
Maid: Maxine GB<br>
Doorman: Tom Salter<br>
Florist Assistant: Emma Goodday<br>
Florist: Jill Taylor<br>
Receptionist: Kaye Cooper<br>
Hotel Manager: Alex Freeman<br>
Assistant Manager: Tom Salter<br>
George (Jerry's dresser): Ethan Oswald<br>
Master of Ceremonies: Frank Gregory<br>
Waiter 1: Ethan Oswald<br>
Waiter 2: Alex Freeman<br>
Venetian Hotel Concierge: Sophie Nightingale</span></p>

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<p style="" class="font_9"><span style="">PUTTIN ON THE RITZ DANCERS<br>
Ellie Beaumont, Bethan Campbell, Natasha Cox, Sam Eades, Laura East, Sophie Guariglia-Smith, Rebecca Hills, Chloe Kenny, Sophia May, Melissa O'Reilly, Jill Taylor, Terri Truckle, Andrew Hudson, Mark Fromings, Alex Freeman, Ethan Oswald</span></p>

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<p style="" class="font_9"><span style="">TOP HAT WHITE TIE &amp; TAILS - Tap dancers;</span></p>

<p style="" class="font_9"><span style="">Ebony Bartlett, Zoe Blowers, Helena Booer, Louise Brown, Jo Dennis, Catherine Jarvie, Sophie Nightingale, Emma Ramsay, Tom Salter, Lily Turner, Dawn Wood</span></p>

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<p style="" class="font_9"><span style="">NO STRING MAIDS<br>
Alexandra Moore, Emma Ramsay, Vikki Sinfield</span></p>

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<p style="" class="font_9"><span style="">ISN’T THIS A LOVELY DAY<br>
Lucy Ayley, Ana Boms-Perez, Helena Booer, Lisa Brooks, Louise Brown, Jo Clark, Kaye Cooper, Donna Dawson, Maxine Gamble-Beresford, Emma Goodday Frank Gregory, Keith Hills, Catherine Jarvie, Nina Monksfield, Sophie Nightingale, Jade Oswald, Amy Robertson, Lily Turner, Ella Walden, Meghan Walsh, Gerry Willson, Heather Woodley</span></p>

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<p style="" class="font_9"><span style="">EASY TO DANCE WITH BOYS<br>
Mark Fromings, Ethan Oswald, Tom Salter, Alex Freeman</span></p>

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<p style="" class="font_9"><span style="">WHAT IS LOVE</span></p>

<p style="" class="font_9"><span style="">Singers:&nbsp;<br>
Helena Booer, Kerry Mapp, Emma Ramsay, Lily Turner</span></p>

<p style="" class="font_9"><span style="">Dancers:&nbsp;<br>
Ellie Beaumont, Bethan Campbell, Laura East, Sophie Guariglia-Smith, Rebecca Hills, Chloe Kenny</span></p>

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<p style="" class="font_9"><span style="">CHEEK TO CHEEK DANCERS:<br>
Ebony Bartlett, Ellie Beaumont, Zoe Blowers, Hannah Burton, Bethan Campbell, Natasha Cox, Joanna Dennis, Sam Eades, Laura East, Mark Fromings, Frank Gregory, Sophie Guariglia-Smith, Keith Hiĺls, Rebecca Hills, Andrew Hudson, Chloe Kenny, Kerry Mapp, Sophia May, Melissa O'Reilly, Ethan Oswald, Tom Salter, Jill Taylor, Terri Truckle, Dawn Wood, Alex Freeman</span></p>


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